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Troop Activities

  • Spiritual: We attend two Church parades every year at the Church, one at Remembrance Day, and the other during Scouting Week. When we are camping, we always have a Scout's Own. Every few weeks or so, we have a prayer and/or a moment of reflection.

  • Outdoors: We have at least three camps a year, including a winter camp. We feel that any more and the boys tend to be "Camped Out". It is important that the quality of camping is high, not the quantity.

  • Leadership: There are many leadership opportunities for Scouts. Everyone recognizes the leadership qualities that are developed by being a Patrol Leader or Assistant Patrol Leader. However, leadership skills can be developed in other ways. The Arrowhead Badge has requirements for each Scout to plan and lead an activity. Also, when a PL or APL are absent, appoint an acting PL or APL.

  • Physical: As well as passing the Scouts on the Physical Fitness Badge, we do calisthenics every couple of weeks. This is in addition to an active game that is played almost every week.

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