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1st Huntingdon Cubs

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Cubs (8-10, Grades 3, 4 & 5)

Challenging hikes, weekend camps, team activities, and badge work,  are just a few of the fun outdoor adventures that Cubs enjoy.

With the Cub motto of "Do Your Best" front and centre, Cubs are encouraged to try new and more challenging activities.  Learning important first aid skills, paddling a canoe for the first time, or leading a game at camp will open the door for Cubs to try other adventures they never thought possible.

Cubs also experience an exciting variety of other activities:  games and sports, model-building, music, story-telling and play-acting.  And like Beavers, Cubs enjoy their adventures with their friends.

Cub Individual And Pack Specialty Badges
Scouts Canada is pleased to introduce two new Cub badges: the Individual Specialty Badge, and the Pack Specialty Badge.

These badges allows an  entire pack to design requirements for special interest areas not already covered in the current badge and star system. We wish we could offer badges to meet everyone’s special interests, but there are so many possibilities! The list would be never-ending.

When do Cubs meet:  1st Huntingdon Cubs meet on Thursday nights from 7 - 8:30 pm, at St. Joseph School, from the middle of September until the end of May.  Youth may join at any time.

If you would like a Cub Leader to contact you with more information on Cubs and the Cub program, please click

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